Taunton School

Some background about the School;
Our History The School was  founded in 1847. Due to its non-conformist foundation, the School has  always been able to boast an inclusive, broad-minded and welcoming  character.
It moved to its present site in 1870. The original  house, Fairwater, dating from the 18th century, is now a boys’ boarding  house.
As one of the first independent schools to have accepted  both boys and girls (in 1973) we can lay claim to being genuinely  co-educational. Approximately 50% of our pupils are girls.
Structure The School has four parts to it: •    The Senior School (13 – 18 years) which has 600 pupils of whom 240 are in the Sixth Form. •    The Preparatory School (7 – 13 years) with 270 pupils. •    The Pre-Prep and Nursery with about 140 children (0 – 7 years). •     Taunton School International Middle School, established in 2012, this  school takes second language pupils of ages up to 13 and prepares them  for entry to the Prep and Senior Schools •    Taunton School International with 80 students on a one year GCSE programme
All  parts of the School share a common purpose as well as the school  facilities. Thus we are able to offer a properly co-ordinated education.
Boarding is a modern, relevant experience and our boarders leave Taunton School as well rounded citizens, equipped to succeed in a fast changing and competitive world.
There are 5 boarding houses at Taunton School. Each one offers a distinctive experience, overseen by House Staff and a team of committed tutors.
It is a considerable benefit that our attractive campus accommodates all of the boarding houses. Access to the wide-ranging, excellent facilities is therefore very convenient.
At the heart of our success is the ‘human’ aspect of boarding. We care for people and encourage people to care.


Course Name Age Dates Type of Accommodation Price
At the International Middle School, pupils aged 8—14 8—14 September Residensial £8,750 per term (3 terms per year)
1 Year Pre-IB Programme 16 September £11,500 per term (3 terms per year)
1 Year GCSE Programme 15-17 September Residensial £11,500 per term (3 terms per year
Summer School Senior 13 – 17 yrs 13 - 17 yrs 1st July-10th August 2013 Residensial £3,150 per 3 week
Junior Summer School for students aged 7 – 12 7 - 12 1st July -20th July 2013 Residential £3,150 per 3 week