Albemarle Independent College is a top performing independent sixth-form college.

Based in the heart of Mayfair in central London, Albemarle is a top performing independent sixth-form college, offering a broad A-level and GCSE curriculum for students from public, state and private school backgrounds.

  • Excellent A-level results
  • Small class sizes
  • Traditional teaching methods
  • Personal tutors
  • Wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • Work experience opportunities with our extensive network of professionals
  • Dedicated university application programme

All tutors at Albemarle are subject specialists and most have experience as examiners. They are particularly successful with young people: able to motivate and communicate with them in ways which they understand. Barriers are quickly broken down, enhancing the learning process.

Class sizes at Albemarle are kept small – the average is four to five students, with a maximum of eight in each class. As a result, tuition is centered on the students, who are able to fully participate in class discussion and, crucially, encouraged to develop independent thought.


  • AS Level Programme
    A2 Level Programme
  • GCSEs
    1 year GCSE Programme
  • Retake and Refresher Courses
    Retaking A-levels
  • Preparatory Courses
    Oxbridge Entry


Course Name Age Dates Type of Accommodation Price
GCSE Courses 16 18 September 2014 £18,000
A Level Courses 16 18 September 2014 £21,000