International Community School

At the International Community School, we believe  in taking an holistic approach to the young people that we have the privilege  of working with.  It is this philosophy  that makes the International Baccalaureate programmes such an ideal match for  the ICS community, as it shares our philosophy of student engagement.

Since September 2005 curricular  development has been guided by the concepts and methodologies of the International Baccalaureate  Organisation’s (IBO) programmes of study:

  1. IB Primary Years Programme (  ages 3-11yrs) – for students in Reception to Year 6 or Kindergarten to Grade 5
  2. IB Middle Years Programme (  ages 11-16yrs) – for students in Year 7 to Year 11 or Grade 6 to Grade 10
  3. IB Diploma Programme ( ages  16+yrs) – for students in Year 12 to Year 13 or Grade 11 to Grade 12

The  Academic Journey through ICS is varied depending upon the strengths and needs  of each student.

Personalised Learning is a strategy focusing all of the school’s  resources to ensure that the potential of each student is realised. This occurs  through ensuring that the learning experience is appropriate to each child and  that they are able, with support from the teacher, to decide what  they learn, how they learn, when they learn and who they learn with.



Course Name Age Dates Type of Accommodation Price
IB Middle Years Programme 11-16 September homestay £16,650
IB Primary Years Programme 3-11yr Autumn £14,850