The International School of Creative Arts

The International School of Creative Arts (ISCA) is the only specialist day and boarding school in the world run in association with University of the Arts London (UAL).Image 1

Designed to nurture young talent and prepare for entry into university, the programmes at ISCA guarantee students a full-time course interview with one of the six colleges that comprise UAL, on successful completion of studies.

Run in association with University of the Arts London (UAL), ISCA offers talented students from around the world a unique A-Level programme with access to Central Saint Martins’ Foundation Plus. An intensive summer programme, the Foundation Plus affords the same qualification as CSM’s established one-year Foundation Diploma in Art & Design and a rare guaranteed full-time course interview with UAL, on successful completion of studies.

1. Applications from Prospective Students
Application Forms should be completed in full, signed by the parent/legal guardian
paying the fees, and returned to the School office with the following documents:
Most recent academic transcripts/reports
Portfolio consisting of 8-15 images of student’s artwork – see guidelines below
Evidence of English Language Level
Registration Fee
Important: The personal statement in the application form must be written by hand. The
School reserves the right to withhold an offer until a hand written personal statement
has been supplied by the student.

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2. Diagnostic Interview & Portfolio Assessment
ISCA will arrange for a diagnostic interview to take place on receipt of the Application
Depending on the circumstances, the interview will either be conducted in person at the
School or by way of Skype or telephone.
If it is the latter, and the interview is to be conducted remotely, the School requests that
the parent is present during the interview.
3. Offer of a Place
All formal offers of a place will be in writing and conditional on meeting the relevant
course entry criteria.
Final offers are made on the basis of the information on the Application form, the
impression formed during the interview, subsequent portfolio assessment and a
satisfactory reference from the current school.
Please note that all offers from ISCA are subject to a satisfactory reference, from the
applicant’s current school, even if this is not stated as a condition of the offer.

Portfolio Guidelines for Prospective Students
All students are required to submit a digital portfolio consisting of 10-15 images with their
application form. If you are attending an interview in person, you will also be required to bring
the original work where possible.
How to Prepare Your Portfolio
You may submit between 10-15 images (no more) of pieces of work
Include images scanned from your sketchbooks where possible
If you have studied Design & Technology, don’t forget to include this work
Number the images from 1-15 with most recent work at front. Include additional
information to the title – e.g. 1-Title of work, Media, Dimensions.jpeg, etc
Films, videos or DVDs should be presented in form of storyboards and stills
Ensure that image files are saved in low resolution JPEG or PDF format
Remember that the quality of the work is more important than the quantity!

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Entry Requirements
Entry is conditional upon the entry re quirements below and applicants are selected on the
basis of a portfolio assessment and interview.
1. Age Requirement
UK/EU students are required to be 16+ years on date of enrolment.
Non-EEA students are required to be 16+ years prior to date of enrolment to
allow for sufficient time to apply for a student visa.
Important: ISCA cannot issue a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) number to a
student below the age of 16 years, even if all other conditions of offer have been met.

2. English Language
International students, not on the UK Border Agency (UKBA) approved list of
majority English-speaking countries, are required to have a minimum IELTS 4.0
score with 4.0 in all four components (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking)
All students joining ISCA are entitled to receive approximately 200 hours of English
language tuition, which is considered to improve English language skills by one IELTS
point, per academic year.
The English language provision is divided into five hours of English language tuition per
week and two hours of English support within studio tutorials.
Students joining on the minimum language requirement of IELTS 4.0, with the
intention of progressing into a higher education institution, may still need to consider
additional private language provision. This can be discussed with the School, if required.
Students wishing to progress onto University of the Arts London should note that the
English language requirements vary from course to course. The requirement for Further
Education (Foundation Diploma, Access and ABC Diploma) is IELTS 5.0-5.5 and IELTS
6.0-7.0 for Undergraduate courses.

3. Academic Requirement
A Level Programme
Students must be eligible for the A Level course before ISCA can assign a CAS.
Students must therefore provide evidence in the form of a signed and dated final
transcript/report or letter of confirmation from their current/most recent school,
outlining that they have met one of the following academic requirements before a CAS
will be assigned:
Academic Condition for Offer Letter
Successful completion of Year 11 (GCSE)
Successful completion of Year 10 (High School)
Successful completion of Middle Year Programme (International Baccalaureate)
Successful completion of equivalent (please contact ISCA for further details)

The academic evidence must b e signed and dated and clearly state the student’s name,
the year/grade that has been completed or qualification gained (where applicable) and
the details of current school or awarding body (where applicable).
(Please note that the evidence should only refer to completed courses, subjects and
achievements. It should not include information about projected results/grades in
examinations where the actual results at the time of providing the academic evidence
are not known.
Portfolio Programme
Minimum one GCE A-Level qualification at A*- C grade or equivalent
Minimum 3 GCSE’s at A*-C grade or equivalent
Prospective applicants should provide a copy of their latest academic transcript to
allow subsequent offers to stipulate the academic condition. Students that are not
studying under a British Curriculum will be asked to provide evidence of equivalent
qualification(s) at C grade or above.

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