Kingham Hill is a coeducational independent day and boarding school for children aged 11-18.

  • Age range: 11 – 18
  • Annual weekly boarding fees: £20,801 – £25,564
  • Annual full boarding fees: £21,580 – £27,901
  • TOTAL PUPILS: 196 boys and 109 girls, including 50 boys and 31 girls in the 6th form
  • Staff numbers: 80 full time and 24 part time
  • Method of entry: Assessment, Common Entrance, GCSE results, Interview, Please apply to school, Registration, Taster days, This is a non-selective school, Trial day at school, Visit school, Entry test or exam, Report from previous school
  • Accreditations and affiliations: AEGIS, AGBIS, BSA, CReSTeD Dyslexia Unit (DU), SHMIS, TISCA
  • Religious affiliation: All denominations welcome, Christian, Church of England
It was founded by local Christian landowner Charles Edward Baring Young in 1886 as a home for deprived boys and was designed by the architect William Howard Seth-Smith. The school is located in Oxfordshire near the village of Kingham and the town of Chipping Norton.
The school consists of nine houses, seven of which are boarding and two are houses for day students.
 Durham is a Senior girls house, its colour is royal blue. The building was recently changed from day houses to accommodate boarders because of the growing numbers of girls at the school. They won the House Aggregate Shield in 2013
  • Plymouth is a junior boys house. Their ties are navy blue.
Greenwich was originally the Sanatorium. It changed to a junior girls house. Its tie colour was lilac/violet. In previous years, however, it has held senior and junior girls. The house was refurbished recently.
  • Severn was a house for the accommodation of single members of staff and is now a senior girls house.
  • Norwich is a senior boys house. The colour of its tie is maroon. This house has recently been refurbished.
  • Bradford is a senior boys house, and their tie colour is yellow. The house was refurbished recently
  • Latimer is a girls day house. The house colour is lime green.
Bradford is a senior boys house, and their tie colour is yellow. The house was refurbished recently.
  • Sheffield is a senior boys house. Between 2006-2007, girls from Greenwich House were housed in Sheffield House due to the refurbishment program. The refurbishment of Greenwich is now completed. The boys have now gone back to Sheffield House.
  • Clyde is a junior boys house from Havelock as it is being split in half to hold the vast quantities of boy day pupils. This house hasn’t actually been used yet as the building being used for it is still in construction and may be established in late August/September.
The school has a pool and a Fitness Suite that are open to students and to the public all week
The school also has an Astroturf with Tennis and netball courts adjacent for the use of hockey and football teams

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