Concord College – the best independent international schools in England.

Concord College is an independent private co-educational international day boarding school in Shropshire, England situated in the grounds of Acton Burnell Castle. The college admits students aged between 12 and 19; the majority of whom come from overseas. In 2008, The Times league table for independent co-educational schools in the UK placed Concord third, its highest ever ranking.

Girls and boys between the ages of 13 and 19 enjoy fabulous facilities of ours international school on our safe 50 acre campus set in the heart of the English countryside. We expect our students to achieve the highest standards and to gain entry to top universities in the UK. We also take care to nurture the individuality of students at Concord to develop their self-confidence.

We are very proud of the academic success of the students here at Concord. Here are some of our headlines from 2013/14:

  • 4th in the independent schools league table based on data provided by the ISC; 5th in The Times school league table (co-educational schools) and 9th in the Telegraph (all schools)
  • 43% A* & 81% A*/A at A Level (95% A*-B grade)
  • 12 students into Oxford and Cambridge
  • 16 students into LSE, 16 to Imperial, 16 into UCL and to 10 to Warwick
  • 22 students into medical schools
  • 76% of Concord’s 2013 leavers are now attending UK Top 10 universities
  • Superb GCSE results with 100% pass rate and 56% A* & 86% A*/A

Students can apply for entry to Concord at Form 3 (Year 9), Form 4 (Year 10) or to the Sixth Form (Year 12).  Both boarding and day students are welcome to apply at any of these points (please refer to the Applying to Concord section of the website).

If you are considering entry to Concord for your child you must complete the relevant application form and send this with the other supporting documents to the college.  Your child may then be required to sit a test either online or at the college.  All information is then reviewed by the Principal or Head of Lower School before a decision is made whether to offer a place.

At Concord College we bring students together from all around the world.  We aim to create a caring and supportive environment for the development of all our students.

In this environment, achievement is celebrated and harassment of any kind is not tolerated.  We seek to encourage independence, maturity and responsibility in every student in our care. Students are expected to behave in a way that promotes understanding and harmony.  Above all, we are a community committed to high standards, hard work and mutual respect.

Aims of the boarding community:

  1. To create a community that ensures the safety and welfare of its students in an environment where they can be both healthy and happy.
  2. To provide an environment in which students can develop their intellectual talents through well-structured study time, access to staff and other students in an atmosphere which values effort and achievement.
  3. To provide a range of activities related to age and maturity that will assist in the personal, social and cultural development of each student.
  4. To provide accommodation that is comfortable and suitable to the needs of boarders according to their age and which provides appropriate levels of privacy.
  5. To provide an atmosphere that allows pupils to develop a tolerance of others and to live free of harassment and bullying.
  6. To develop each boarder’s responsibility for self, for others and for their environment.
  7. To develop students’ qualities of leadership and their ability to work as a team.
  8. To develop relationships with parents in support of students’ development within College.
  9. To provide opportunity for students to talk to staff about their day to day concerns.
  10. To promote respect for others and their cultures as well as for the routines and ethos of the College.

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