Located on over 500 acres of land, ninety minutes north of Los Angeles, Besant Hill School features a quiet, rural setting of unusual beauty.



JULY 7 – 18

Join Besant Hill School for our farm apprentice program. This introduction to organic gardening is a two-week experiential education opportunity. Taught by professional farmers and environmental educators, students will learn about organic farming and gardening, applied soil science, and discuss social and environmental issues related to agriculture.

On the farm, students will engage in field lectures, be exposed to real-life models of practice, and then will be given time to implement their learning with guidance. They will also apply their farm learning to food, gain insight in to seasonal foods and learn to implement farm-to-table practices. Afternoons will be dedicated to inspiration and discovery. Students will become aware of the vast array of issues related to culture and food. They will participate in active discourse, gain critical analysis of contemporary topics related to food and the environment, and listen to presentations given by professionals working in the field of agriculture.

Due to the content and nature of this program, it is accessible to all learners and appeals to all learning styles. The only prerequisite for the class is a general interest in environmental studies and being outdoors. Students will be spending a majority of the time in the field, so appropriate garden clothing will be required.

The Campus is a combination of academic, boarding, and recreational facilities that complement each other and the surrounding landscape. Surrounded by spectacular panoramic views of the Topa Topa Mountains and the Ojai Valley, Besant Hill School provides a serene, natural environment in which students can pursue their educational goals.

2014-15 TUITION & FEES

Residential Tuition: $46,850
Day Tuition: $21,500
Required Fees**: $2,955
Instructional Support: $5,800-7,800
ESL Program*: $7,800
International Fee*: $3,800
New Student Fee: $500
Commencement Fee: $250




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