Abbey College Birmingham

Abbey College Birmingham is an independent sixth form college situated in the heart of Birmingham.

There are around 150 students at the college, most of whom are preparing for A-Levels with the remainder studying an International Business Foundation Programme or GCSEs.

Abbey College Birmingham aims to maintain a ‘gold standard’ of educational quality. Classes are small, enabling teachers to provide a well-supported and professional educational experience, specifically tailored towards the individual student.

The College offers excellent, modern teaching accommodation and is located in one of Birmingham’s safest and most accessible areas, close to the city centre

Abbey College Birmingham was established in 1992 as a college for students retaking public examinations.

Two year A-level courses, 18 month A-level courses, One year intensive A-level courses, January retakes, International Business Foundation programme, GCSE studies.

In recent years, the impressive and sophisticated looking college building in the thriving and fashionable Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham has been extensively modernised to ensure that the very best teaching accommodation and resources are available for staff and students.

Abbey students work in a unique learning environment that is friendly, informal, yet highly respectful. Staff and students comment proudly on the close working relationships that lead to student success.

The college day starts, for most students, at 08.55 when they meet with their personal tutor. Lessons tend to be ‘double periods’ of 1 hour and 20 minutes and the working day ends at 15.40 or 17.00.

The study room, which provides a silent working environment, is available for use during and at the end of the college day, and a student common room provides a place for students to relax and socialise.


Course Name Age Dates Type of Accommodation Price
GCSE Subjects £18,000
A Level Subjects
International Business Foundation
A Level Subjects £18,000