Youth Leadership Summer School Course

An exciting series of interactive workshops, energetic summer school activities and fun-filled challenges specifically designed to inspire and enable each and every student to uncover their unique abilities, develop greater confidence and master strategies for success in the classroom and beyond.

Our Youth Leadership summer school course gives students the opportunity to discover their own potential by developing interpersonal and leadership skills, increasing their self-confidence and acquiring the motivation and ability to bring about change. Rather than focusing on any specific school curriculum, this summer school program offers hands-on learning enabling all students, regardless of background, experience or ability level, to get ahead.

  • Self-expression and communication
  • Team-building and small group facilitation skills
  • Goal-setting and personal motivation
  • Social responsibility
  • Personal leadership skills

We want to help students eliminate school stress, while simultaneously showing them ways to express themselves, pursue goals, solve problems, resolve conflicts and bring about positive change.

Session 1: June 30th – July 21st 2013 Session 2: July 24th – August 14th 2013