The University of London LLB

The University of London LLB under the International Programmes can be studied under either one of two schemes, or under the Graduate Entry Route . Students have up to eight years to complete their degree and may take, for example, two years to complete the first year.

Scheme A  is the degree in its traditional format, whilst Scheme B is intended for students who wish, or need, to study at a slower pace.

Period of Study for the LLB  The minimum period of study after registration is as follows:

  • Scheme A: 3 years
  • Scheme B: 4 years

Graduate Entry Route A: 2 Years

Graduate Entry Route B: 3 Years

Students who are able to study full time often complete their degree in the minimum time suggested. However, most students studying by themselves take four or five years to complete their studies. The maximum time allowed is eight years.

If you have suitable qualifications, you may be eligible for exemption from the whole or individual subjects of the Intermediate examinations at Scheme A or Year 1 of Scheme B. If you are granted exemption from all four of the Intermediate subjects, the minimum period of registration would be two years on Scheme A and three years on Scheme B.Examinations

The examination for each individual subject of the LLB is a three-hour unseen written paper. No coursework is set or marked by the University of London .

The LLB examination under Scheme A consists of 12 papers taken in three Parts. You must take the examinations for all four subjects for each Part together on the same occasion. You must pass (or be exempted from) the Intermediate examination before proceeding to Part I, and pass the Part I examination before proceeding to Part II.

Transfer between Schemes and Routes

It is possible, under certain circumstances, to transfer from one Scheme or Route to another.

Scheme A  Intermediate Examination

Four compulsory subjects •1. Criminal Law •2. Public Law •3. Common Law Reasoning and Institutions •4. Elements of Law of Contract

Final Examination – Part I  Three compulsory subjects •1. Law of Tort •2. Law of Trusts •3. Land Law

One optional subject from: Final Examination – Part II

One compulsory subject

Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
Three optional subjects:

Scheme A Optional Subjects for

Part I and II 

Administrative Law   Commercial Law  Criminology  EU Law   Evidence  Family Law  Company Law    Labour Law  Public International Law    Introduction to Islamic Law   International Protection of Human Rights

Part II only  Conflict of Laws   Succession   Intellectual Property  Environmental and Planning Law   Graduate EntryRoute A

If you have a full first degree by examination awarded from an institution acceptable to the University of London for this purpose, but do not wish to apply for exemption from the Intermediate examination. You can take the LLB degree on Graduate Entry Route A (minimum two years) or Graduate Entry Route B (minimum three years). In both Graduate Entry Routes, you must complete each examination satisfactorily by passing all of the subjects before proceeding to the next.

Entrance Requirements

In order to be accepted for one of the degrees, you must:

•1. Be at least 17 years old;

•2. Satisfy the general requirements;

•3. Satisfy the course requirements for the degree; and

•4. Have fluent comprehension and written skills in English.

Applicants who wish to apply to take a degree as an International Programmes student often present a wide range of qualifications. If you have taken British GCSE/GCE ‘O’ Levels and ‘A’ Levels, the general entrance requirements and the specific degree requirements are shown below. Other qualifications may be acceptable for admission.

General Entry Requirements

Either passes in: Two subjects at GCE ‘A’ Level +

At least three further subjects at GCSE or GCE ‘O’ Level (at not less than grade C or a ‘pass’ if taken prior to 1975)

Or, Three subjects at GCE ‘A’ Level + one further subject at GCSE or GCE ‘O’ Level (at not less than grade C)

Or, Two subjects at GCE ‘A’ Level + two further subjects at ‘AS’ Level.

Note: •a. In all instances where ‘A’ Level examinations are specified, two ‘AS’ Level examinations can be accepted as equivalent to one ‘A’ Level.

•b. The same subject may only be offered once and at one level

Graduate Entry to the LLB

If you already hold a full first degree by examination awarded by an institution acceptable to the University of London and are not eligible for exemption from the Intermediate examination, you will be automatically considered, when you apply for the Graduate Entry Routes (Please note that this only applies to the LLB degree).

The following will be considered for graduate entry:

  • •· Applicants holding a full first degree from a university in the United Kingdom or another European country, or in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa or the West Indies.
  • •· Applicants holding a full first degree from a regionally accredited institution in the USA .
  • •· Applicants holding a full first degree from an Indian Institute of Technology, a four-year full-time first degree received from a recognised university or a three-year full-time first degree from a limited number of acceptable universities in India .
  • •· Applicants with other degrees not listed above should submit their application for consideration. Professional qualifications cannot be considered for graduate entry.