Parents may drop children off at the Prep department from 8am, with the school day starting officially from 8.25am.  Following ‘fall in’ in the Gallery, either Chapel or Assembly takes place, with different form groups or members of staff leading the service.

Lessons throughout the morning (with break taking place at 10.40am) lead up to lunchtime, which is staggered to ensure that the younger years eat first, followed by the top two years at 12.50pm.  The children eat well, and have a good choice of home-made dishes, as well as fruit and salad with every meal.

Following lunch and a long lunch break, there are more lessons, activities, and four times a week, games.  For Juniors – Fourth Form (Years 4-6), there is a Prep (homework) session at 1.10pm, supervised by staff, and the older pupils in Fifth and Sixth Form are able to complete Prep in school later in the afternoon.

From September, there will be new, optional, earlier pick ups:

  • 4.30pm: with homework completed at home
  • 5.50pm: after activities or homework but before tea
  • 6.10pm: after tea
  • 7.30pm: after boarders’ prep session

The new activities on offer at 4.45pm are timetabled across the whole Prep department, ensuring greater breadth and depth of activities on offer.  Although yet to be confirmed, September’s activity schedule will include Brownies, Cub Scouts, Performing Arts, swimming team and Team BG Equestrian.