‘Passport to English’

First Step
Our beginner course for those younger campers aged six to ten years with very little or no language proficiency.

Ideal for children who have been learning English for approximately one year before coming to camp.

Students at this level will understand and participate in basic English conversations but will require a great amount of effort and support.

At this level you can understand most conversations and would usually have four or more years of experience learning the language.

You will now have a good and expansive vocabulary and understand almost everything. You will be confident and can go beyond the basics.

Students at this level have a very good active vocabulary and structural understanding, and can successfully write clear organised text on descriptive or narrative topics.

At the top level you possess near fluency in your language ability. You can understand and respond to difficult questions. Your English knowledge includes abstract terms and phrases.

Anglia Examinations
We are now working closely with a highly respected UK examination board, Anglia Examinations. With them, we aim to make sure our classes are an interesting experience while incorporating the fundamentals of all the skills including reading, writing, listening and speaking, enabling you to gain an internationally recognised qualification in English by the end of your stay with us.