Methodology For the Modern English Teacher

Our Teaching Methodology course is for practising English teachers from any type of school/educational institute working at secondary level or higher.

The emphasis of this course is on practical classroom activities. Participants will experience how language skills and competencies can be developed via:

  • Storytelling
  • Music and songs
  • Language games
  • Art and drawing
  • Drama techniques
  • Creative writing (e.g. poetry, song lyrics, stories)
  • Teaching with humour
  • Technology and creativity
  • Practical pronunciation teaching
  • Communicative grammar teaching

This course is for English teachers who wish to develop and enhance their teaching skills. The focus is on effective, practical activities and techniques for the modern language classroom.

The classroom activities and tasks presented are designed to motivate students to learn by establishing a creative, positive and challenging classroom dynamic. We take a collaborative, flexible approach and take into account participants needs and wishes.

Our courses feature guest speakers who have made contributions to the world of ELT.