Language Year Abroad

  • 1 term (11 weeks) – Language Semester Abroad – 11 weeks in total
  • 2 terms (22 weeks) – Language Semester Abroad – 6 months in total
  • 3 terms (33 weeks) – Language Year Abroad - 9 months in total
  • 4 terms (44 weeks) – Language Year Abroad  – 12 months in total
  • Each term lasts for 11 weeks and monthly total includes 2 – 4 weeks’ vacation in between each term.

Learning English in the classroom

Entry test

When you arrive at Embassy we test your English level to make sure you are placed in a class that is right for you.

All lessons are taught with:

- Full in-class participation, group work, pair work, class discussions and fun role-plays. – Fun, enjoyable learning techniques to improve both confidence and fluency.  – Strong underlying principles ensure you consolidate your understanding of vocabulary and grammar.

Our professional, qualified teachers will respond to the needs of the class, using a range of learning materials.

You’ll also have access to the modern technologies in our schools:  – Wi-Fi enabled Classrooms – Interactive whiteboards in every classroom – Digital Teaching tools: video, audio and online content bring lessons to life! – FREE Online learning platform, Study Smart: access coursework, assignments, tests and learning materials in one place.