Journalism Summer School Program

Students will return home with a stronger foundation of journalistic skills and values, and will be equipped with the techniques for writing and editing copy. The course combines inspirational seminars and practical workshops with individual and group exercises:

  • Enhance your essay writing skills and learn to structure an argument
  • Undertake practical assignments – compile a news report, research and write a feature article, write a review
  • Learn the techniques for editing copy and designing pages for publication
  • Use the power of language to communicate effectively and inspire others

Students will investigate current affairs, practice the core journalism skills of interviewing and research and learn to write inspiring and accurate articles on their own choice of topic. As a team, the students on this course will assist in the production of the ISSOS Times, the summer school’s newspaper. In addition, there will be the opportunity to visit one of England’s premier newspaper offices where our summer students will be able to talk to professional journalists and see how a newspaper is produced.

Learn to use the world around you for inspiration and develop your journalistic skills to inform, influence and entertain others.

To hear more about what is taught in Journalism and to hear from students who have taken the program click on the film below: