IELTS Exam Preparation Course

Morning Classes: 9am-12:30pm

Evening Classes: 6pm-9pm

The course runs in 12-week cycles, where you can complete one cycle and then decide whether to continue for several weeks more, or even finish the entire extended cycle until you are comfortable with your knowledge and ready to take the exam.

The course is designed to suit the students’ needs and commitments by allowing you to stay on as long as you wish before you take the exam at either general or academic level as both are combined throughout the cycles.

Writing Skills :

  • Describing and interpreting graphs, tables and diagrams
  • Summarising data
  • Letter writing, using appropriate register
  • Discursive/argumentative writing
  • Organising ideas to develop an argument
  • Providing relevant supporting examples for arguments

Reading Skills

  • Reading for gist
  • Reading for main ideas
  • Reading for detail
  • Understanding inferences and implied meaning
  • Recognising a writer’s opinions, attitudes and purpose
  • Following the development of an argument

Listening Skills :

  • Understanding main ideas
  • Understanding specific factual information
  • Listening for detail
  • Understanding inferences and implied meaning
  • Recognising opinions, attitudes and purpose of a speaker; and following the development of an argument
  • Taking (lecture) notes
  • Grammar related to the above writing and speaking skills
  • Identified areas of weakness