IB Middle Years Programme

The Secondary School is located  close to London’s Hyde Park and has excellent transport links being only a few  minutes walk from both Paddington and Edgware Road stations.

From the ages of 11-16 years,  ICS students follow the IB Middle Years Programme. This is an academically  challenging curriculum framework, with 8 discreet academic areas, that  encourages students to embrace and understand connections between the subject  content and the real world, while developing critical and reflective thinking  skills. The programme is designed to prepare students for pre-University  courses such as IB Diploma, Advanced Placement and A-Levels.

For our older students we offer  the highly regarded IB Diploma programme, that is an ideal match for our  international student community many of whom wish to study at University in the  UK.

Central to our school  philosophy is being proactive in building a sense of ‘community’ by fostering  positive attitudes that promote a safe learning environment. Students  participate in training workshops which help them develop a greater  understanding of diversity and equality issues and provides them with the tools  to dispel and challenge myths and stereotypes. Moreover, students are also  empowered to lead and enact change supported by the appropriate bodies and  forums within the school, such as the Student Council.

This holistic approach ensures  the delivery of a broader curriculum with the student’s academic, social,  emotional and psychological well-being at the centre.