First Form Wrekin College


The 11+ Entrance Examination is the basic requirement for entry to Wrekin College.  It assesses potential pupils’ ability to cope with the academic life of Wrekin; if a pupil shows this potential and places are available, a place will be offered.  No special preparation is required or expected for this examination.

The 11+ Entrance Examination consists of papers in Mathematics, English and Non-Verbal Reasoning.  The papers are based on the existing Year 6 curriculum.

Following the entrance and scholarship exams we write to parents in December, in most cases offering places. To secure the place, parents must complete the Acceptance Form and pay an initial deposit and, because we only have a fixed number of places, it is advisable to do so quickly.

Making an enquiry is the first stage of the admission process for overseas applicants. Following your call or email, or enquiry though an educational agent, we review your child’s report and information provided on the enquiry form.  This assists you, your agent and the school in determining whether Wrekin is the right choice for your child.

After we have received your child’s school report and confirmed that we would like to progress the application, the next step is to complete our registration form. If you would like your child to be considered for a place, please complete the form and return it to us, along with the overseas registration fee. This should be done a term in advance of the intended date of admission. You may also like to arrange an individual visit, to tour the school to meet our teachers and pupils.

Assessments can take place any time of year prior to entry. For further information on assessments and options for sitting our entry papers in your country of residence, please contact the admissions team. All applicants for whom English is not a native language will sit an assessment in English as a Foreign Language