English course

This exciting interactive summer school course catering for 13-18 year-olds of all ability levels, assists students to become proficient in the English language while immersing them in an English-speaking environment. Students receive daily instruction from experienced CELTA teachers who ensure that all core skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening) are practiced

Each student combines this academic summer school program with one of our exciting elective summer coursesmaking this unique program a balanced and exciting summer experience.

  • Benefit from experienced CELTA qualified teachers, daily English classes and individual attention
  • Significantly improve academic and social communication skills
  • Use English to make new friends with students from other countries
  • Focus on core skills – speaking, reading, writing and listening
  • Stay motivated with our fun and interactive syllabus

The syllabus provides a successful blend of opportunities for students to use and develop their English. Students learn to improve their conversation skills including their grasp of colloquial language and, at the same time, develop their understanding and use of English grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as required within the classroom. To ensure that our summer students stay motivated, a wide variety of supplementary materials are used, including video, music, newspaper/magazine articles and out of classroom assignments.

This nurturing yet challenging atmosphere will help all students make significant progress and develop communication skills necessary to function efficiently and effectively in both social and academic settings.

In St Andrews we offer an advanced English summer school course for those whose spoken English is of a high standard and need to concentrate on their written English.

  • Improve the formation of coherent arguments and structure in formal essay writing
  • Explore a range of writing Styles