English and Activities Programme Football

This programme is available from 30th June 2013; with other start dates of 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th July and 4th or 11th August with a minimum stay of 1 week and up to 7 weeks.  The Actvities course closes 17th August. There is a minmum stay of 2 weeks.

The centre welcomes up to 270 students per week from many different countries


There is a full programme including lessons and a wide range of sports, activities, clubs and Sports Academy options to choose from. There is evening social entertainment and there are two excursions per week.  Contact us to see a sample itinerary. 


There are 22½ hours of lessons per week (4½ hours per day) including English Skills, Language Activitiesand Project Lessons. Beginners follow an intensive English course.

Language Activities enable students to focus on developing their speaking and communication skills through a range different task-based activities. By learning how to do a practical skill, with the instruction being given in English, students’ vocabulary is extended and their language learning is reinforced.

  • Students take a different Language Activities lesson every day and the classes are led by our teachers or by specialist teaching staff.
  • Each Language Activities lesson is usually a stand-alone activity.
  • Note that the Language Activities lessons are not part of the Intensive English Course for Beginners.
  • Here are some example of previous Language Activities lessons: