Certificate of English

Whether you’re looking to have a fun learning experience or need English for your career or for further study this course helps you improve in all areas -  speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Choose the number of weeks you want to study and we’ll find a class that’s right for your level.
Decide whether you want to spend more time exploring your host country (choose the ‘Standard’ option) or more time studying English (choose the ‘Intensive’ option) – it’s completely up to you.
Courses start every Monday-

  • Course length: 2 or more weeks
  • Lessons per week: (Intensive 28) 28 lessons per week
    (Intensive 24) 24 lessons per week
    (Standard 20) 20 lessons per week

What will you get out of this course?

  • An improvement in English in all areas (speaking, listening, reading and writing.)
  • A course to match your goals, plans and schedule
  • The opportunity to discover a new country and culture

Effective Learning

  • Weekly progress tests
  • Additional progress reports every six weeks
  • Exit tests
  • Varied lesson formats including: guided lessons via our online learning portal, lectures and project work.
  • You can book further weeks of study during your course
Certificate of English
2-6 weeks 7-11 weeks 12-19 weeks 20-29 weeks 30-39 weeks 40+ weeks
Standard 20 214.00 209.00 192.00 146.00 144.00 139.00
Intensive 28 295.00 275.00 239.00 200.00 188.00 180.00