Cambridge ESOL

  • CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)

The Cambridge examinations are recognised worldwide as proof of your English language ability. They can be used in applications for jobs, and, in some cases, for universities. But they are also a satisfying measure of personal achievement.

Since they are offered at a variety of levels, Cambridge exams are a good choice if you wish to demonstrate your progress, or gain a qualification in a short space of time. One natural path is to progress from FCE (which is approximately Upper Intermediate level), to CAE (Advanced).

Join a dedicated class of students all studying towards the same goal, and it’s impressive what results you will achieve. Our teachers are experienced in giving you the skills you need to enter the exam room with confidence – and exit with great results.

All lessons are taught with full in-class participation, group work, pair work, and class discussions – but bear in mind that exam classes also necessitate a certain amount of solo work and mock examinations. Students are expected to be dedicated and to work to the best of their abilities.

Our professional, qualified teachers will respond to the needs of the class, using an assortment of materials. You’ll be expected to complete daily homework assignments and sample tests.