Business Studies A-levels

At AS level this specification introduces students to the challenges and issues of starting a business and the key internal functions of business

Unit 1 – Developing Business Ideas

Areas covered include

  • How to overcome challenges and issues of starting a business
  • Legal structure of business – entrepreneurship
  • Risk and reward of business
  • Financial planning

Unit 2 – Managing a Business

Areas covered include

  • People in organisations
  • Operations management
  • Finance
  • Marketing

A2 Specification

At A2 level this specification considers strategies for larger businesses and how these strategies may change according to circumstances. Finally it considers the challenges that international businesses face and different ways in which businesses overcome problems that arise through trading internationally.

Unit 3 – International Business

Areas covered include

  • Reasons for trading internationally
  • Key players in the world economy
  • Globalisation
  • The impact of multinational companies and ways of controlling them
  • Unit 4 – Managing The Business

Areas covered include

  • Corporate strategy & culture
  • Decision making Techniques
  • Ethical decision making
  • The nature and problems of company growth