A Level Subjects

At Abbey College Birmingham we offer a wide range of A Level courses.

Many of our students undertake the traditional two year A Level programme. However, we also offer a number of A Level subjects where completion can be within one year. We can also tailor combinations of subjects: students can run a GCSE alongside A Levels.

Lower Sixth Students

Should choose up to 4 subjects from different blocks. Students wishing to do Further Maths at A Level should pick a one year A Level in Maths.

Upper Sixth Students

If you have studied L6 elsewhere and want to join us at U6, we will give our honest and best advice about which courses to take. Sometimes you might need to transfer examination boards. This is usually a straightforward task and we can advise you further on this matter. We have experience in successfully enabling students’ transition into our upper sixth year.

One Year A Level Students

These students have usually completed an A Level and need a higher grade (Biology/Chemistry). Some one year A Level courses are available to students who have not completed the A Level previously. Please ask about this when you come in and meet with us. We can also often tailor courses for students who want to complete retake A Levels in January.

Eighteen Month A Level Students

Students joining us in January can make selections from a range of subjects.

Students complete either half or the full AS Level from January until the May examinations and the remainder of the course, including covering any remaining AS Level material, in their A2 year. The way in which the course is structured depends upon subject choice.

Students taking the 18 month A Level will often only take three subjects, yet, if an extra AS Level is needed to support a university application, we always try and accommodate this.

If you would like to discuss your options in line with your University aspirations, please contact us.

Our current spectrum of AS subjects includes:


Business Studies




Further Mathematics



International students will often wish to take a course in English as an Additional Language (taken when students have an IELTS score below 5.5. or their target University Offer)

If another subject that is not listed here appeals to you, please contact us for further advice. We will try to meet the subject ambitions of an independent student where we can.

Click here to download all of our A Level course information.