A Level 2 Year

The majority of students at the college are following a traditional two year programme of A-level studies.

Most will start with four or five subjects in their lower sixth and then focus these to a core of three or four subjects for A2. We are unusual in the very large range of subjects (some 40 at AS level) and the range of combinations which is offered. We do not ‘pigeonhole’ students but believe in offering any combination of subjects we feel is sensible for a proposed university career. As such the college has great expertise in advising on the best combination of subjects at A-level and the requirements of certain university courses. For example the demands of universities for courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Economics, Law, Engineering and many others are highly specific. We will provide expert advice both at interview and through the duration of a student’s studies with us as to the most suitable combination of subjects for A level courses.

Most students of A level courses at the college are targeting Russell Group universities and so our expectations are always high. We never lose sight of the importance of examination results but also recognize the need for students to develop a more holistic approach and appreciation of their subjects. To achieve this all tutors are required to bring subjects alive with guest speakers and regular external visits to places of interest related to their subjects. In addition the college has a very wide range of extra-curricular activities designed to enhance the sixth-form experience of every individual. Activities range from the student council and young enterprise scheme to regular trips both in London and abroad. We believe our A-level students will:

Become strong self learners aware of the demands they will face at university