The Prep School

The Prep School follows a broad and balanced curriculum leading to Common Entrance. There is plenty of Sport, Music, Art, DT and Extra Curricular clubs to complement the expected academic subjects.

Brighton College Prep School Year 4

The first year at Brighton College Prep School is considered by some to be the most important!

The children are divided into three classes where their welfare, and about three-quarters of the timetable, are carefully looked after by their form tutor

There are many clubs and activities which our children can take part in during break-times, after lunch or after school.

Art _2

The art department is situated in a spacious studio, supported by a full time art assistant, which facilitates greater autonomy and independence within our pupils enabling them to explore their ideas using the facilities through a wide range of 2-dimensional (drawing, painting and printmaking) and 3-dimensional media (clay, papier mache, wire and mod roc).


Design Technology at Brighton College Prep School is taught from years 4-8 and each year group will receive a double period lasting one hour ten minutes each week which will run all year.

English is a vital way of communicating in school, in public life and internationally. English literature is rich and influential, reflecting the experience of people from many countries and times. In studying English at Brighton College Prep School, pupils develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Brighton College Prep School English

At the root of any progress in mathematics is a good grasp of number bonds, and they should be reinforced at every opportunity, with remedial action being taken by individual teachers. It is not satisfactory for children at 11+ not to know their basic tables. We should make every conceivable effort, individually or collectively as a department, to remedy these specific problems.

Brighton College Prep School Mathematics

There are ensembles for children of all abilities – orchestras, choirs, bands, chamber groups.

Brighton College Prep School Music

We have a wide range of trips and extracurricular activities to ensure that our students have access to a broad and varied experience of science.