1 Year GCSE Programme

GCSEs (General Certificate in Secondary Education) are the examinations that British students take at the end of Year 11, when they are 16. It normally takes two years to study GCSEs. Good UK schools require 5 GCSE passes at grade C or above to study A Levels or the IB in the Sixth Form.

At Taunton School International we offer a One Year GCSE Programme. This is an intensive course which allows students aged 15-17 to take up to 8 GCSEs in half the time of a normal school course. It is the best possible preparation for Sixth Form study in a UK school, saving time and money. The entry process involves a combination of age, overall academic ability and level of English. English level is tested as a part of the entry process and students should demonstrate a level approximately equivalent to Upper A2 / B1 (or better) on the Common European Framework.

Students who are not able to join our One Year GCSE Programme because of their level of English and/or their age can apply to enter Taunton School International Middle School.

The great advantage of having GCSE qualifications is that students at Taunton School International find it easier to get into the school of their choice and are much better prepared to study A levels or the IB Diploma.

Autumn Term Arrive:            Monday 10th September 2012

Half term:                               Wednesday 24th Oct – Sunday 4th Nov 2012

Depart:                                    Friday 7th December 2012


Spring Term Arrive:               Sunday 6th January 2013

Half term:                                Friday 8th  – Sunday 17th February 2013

Depart:                                     Friday 22nd March 2013


Summer Term Arrive:            Wednesday 17th April  2013

Half term:                                 Friday 24th May – Sunday 2nd June 2013

Depart:                                     Friday 28th June 2013



Term Dates 2013/14


Autumn Term Arrive:            Monday 9th September 2013

Half term:                               Thursday 24th Oct – Sunday 3rd Nov 2013

Depart:                                    Friday 6th December 2013


Spring Term Arrive:               Sunday 5th January 2014

Half term:                                Friday 14th  – Sunday 23rd February 2014

Depart:                                     Friday 28th March 2014


Summer Term Arrive:            Wednesday 23rd April  2014

Half term:                                 Friday 23rd – Sunday 1st June 2014

Depart:                                     Friday 27th June 2014


2012/13   -  £10,750 per term (3 terms per year)

2013/14   -  £11,500 per term (3 terms per year)


Fees include tuition, teaching materials, accommodation, food, laundry and core activities.